Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review: My Skin Moisture Lotion

I decided to see what moisturisers were available on the market and came across this product from Tesco.  I have to admit I was quite sceptical as I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Tesco branded cosmetic, but I must say I was quite surprised at the results.  

This moisturiser has a lightweight formula which glides on smoothly.  When rubbed into the skin, it soaks in quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised.  

This daily moisturiser says it provides the skin with moisture and hydration along with plant extracts that will control excess shine and refine the pores. This product definitely delivered on the hydration and I could feel some mattifying properties, but as I have very oily skin it wasn't able to control it completely. This may be down to my age as this product is aimed at younger skin, so I think it would really help those young'uns that have excess oil.

This product contains Kiwi and Raspberry which has significant properties, but the firs thing I noticed was the lovely, fruity smell! Which made it completely different to any other moisturiser I had smelled before.  But don’t fret (I know what you’re thinking) you don’t want your face to smell fruity all day so what good is this?! Don’t worry the smell doesn’t last long, and by the time you have massaged it into your skin the smell has gone and you are only left with the moisture on your skin. It does however, add a lovely freshness to your skincare routine.

Now back to the ingredients, the kiwi in this product helps to aid the moisture in your skin and the raspberry helps to stimulate and condition the skin, leaving it feel soft and smooth.  In addition to this, the product contains Cimicifuga which is a plant extract that has many functions, including oil regulating, pore refining and skin clearing properties.

This product is aimed at teenage skin, and at price of £3.50 it is a bargain!  How we treat our skin can determine how well we age, which is why it is an important task to manage from a young age. 

+ Great price
+ Great smell
+ Light and hydrating formula
+ Great idea to help young people look after their skin
+ Lovely girly packaging
+ There is a whole range of My Skin products including facial wipes, daily face wash and eye make-up remover all for under £3.50 each, what a bargain!

- Very girly packaging which means young males wouldn’t be attracted to use it
- The website doesn’t hold any information on the product or its ingredients which is a shame.
- Perhaps not the best product for very oily skin, but definitely works to help control excess oils.

Overall, I do like this moisturiser.  I didn't find that it controlled my oily skin completely, but there was definitely some improvement. For the price, it is definitely a great product for young skin.

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