Monday, 22 October 2012

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

I am crazy for buttons! ha ha!

After reading a post from All My Love where Lyndsay mentions a site called Passionfruit I thought, hey I may aswell try it out!  Passionfruit is an advertising company like no other. Their goal is to make advertising easy and reliable as they help you to use the advertising spots on your page in a simple and efficient way.

I really enjoy blogging and really want to grow my blog for the right reasons and I think the people that are part of the blogging community are amazing and I want to know everyone more.

So I have decided to take part in button swapping! The buttons I am making available on my blog are free, yes totally free and will be rotated to keep it fresh.

If you are interested in swapping with me, simply go to the top of my page and click on the Lets Swap! link and follow the instructions making sure you use the promo code.  Then take one of my buttons and we would have successfully swapped!!

Alternatively, if this sounds a bit too confusing, feel free to leave me a comment below or email me on

Now lets get swapping!!  I am so excited about this and looking forward to advertising for you!


  1. That's really good! I'm all set to do a bootsale now just need to book a table. If you have quite a lot of clothes that you're not going to put on Ebay there are some companies that pay out quite a lot for bags of clothes! I'm looking to get my blog more well known to so i'll definitely swap buttons with you eventually! Just need to work on all the technical side of things.

  2. I love buttons too!! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting and following :) I'm now your newest GFC follower!


  3. I've been meaning to look at Passionfruit! New follower from the blog hop :) Can't wait to catch up on your posts!


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