Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Looking back on Christmas

Hello lovelies,

I can't believe its the second week of January already! It seems like only yesterday I was wrapping Christmas presents and now its all over and its back to the real world!

My family have a great tradition, where we rent a cottage somewhere and pack everything up for a week and spend the whole of Christmas together, which is so nice as we get to spend quality time together and my nan gets to look after us all! The only down side this year, was that there was no wifi! It felt like we were cut off from the world as there was very little phone signal too, which is why my blogging schedule has gone awry. But its back to normality now and I'm trying to get things back on track.

It's crazy how quickly the holidays come and go so quickly, I hope you all had as a great a time as I did! 

My Aunt just sent me a copy of the photo she took of me while I was stuffing the turkey! So I thought I would share it with you. This was my first time cooking a bird or anything like that so its quite nice to have a photo to document it!

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  1. I definitely commend you for putting in the work with that turkey -- I can't explain it, but poultry skin freaks me out and I can't stand to touch it (irrational, I know). I think renting a cottage with your family for the holidays sounds wonderful!

    I nominated you for a Liebster award! If you'd like to participate, you can check it out here


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