Monday, 5 March 2012

Water, A Girls Best Friend!

I wanted to talk (or write) about a great tool that we all know about deep down, but may not actually think about on a daily basis......water!

Every system in our body needs water, and we need water intake to stay healthy.  Our body is 90% water and so a good intake of drinking water is needed to prevent hydration, clean out the toxins we have in our bodies and it can even help promote the healing process.  With the hectic lifestyles that we all have nowadays, I find people are more likely to grab a can of coke (diet of course) or a cup of tea or coffee on the go than to pick up a plain ole bottle of water.  But there are some perks to making water your beveragebeverage of choice!

So here are a few reasons why I try and keep a bottle of water with me wherever I go:
  • Water is one of the best tools for weight loss!  When replacing the high-calorific drinks, it will act as a great appetite suppressant.  Very often, when we think we're hungry were actually just thirsty, so a quick glass of water will help prevent snacking! (isn't that great!)
  • Water flushes out the toxins and impurities from the body which can help keep your skin clearer, smoother and younger looking.
  • Water moisturises the skin from the inside out, so can help keep your dry patches at bay and you should see visible effects after a week or so.
  • Your skin works to destroy the toxic waste products in the body and removes water in the process, keeping our bodies topped up with water will help keep our normal bodily functions working properly.
  • If you suffer with dry skin, you need to find a way to put moisture back into your body, drinking water will help you do this.
  • Your body needs a good supply of water for healthy digestion, skin, blood circulation, temperature control and for many other functions, so please keep drinking!!
I know there are many articles that will tell you how much water you HAVE to drink every day to stay healthy and although I try to stick to it, sometimes I can over drink the 'daily amount' and sometimes I just cant reach that goal.  So I'm not going to sit here and preach to you how much you have to drink each day, because I wouldn't want anyone to feel bad having not reached that daily goal.  So here is my advice: drink water! It doesn't matter how much or how little, just drink some.  When you are sat down for a long period of time, try to pour yourself a glass of water and sip from it, when you've finished it, pour yourself another. 

Luckily, water is not one of those treats you have to limit yourself to, nor should it be a chore.  If you are bored of normal water, try adding some lemons or limes to the water to give it that something extra.  When you're out and about, try to keep a bottle of water in your handbag (extra weight, I know) but you would be surprised how much water we lose when we're running around!

Well, that's my rant over and I hope you have learnt something new.  Cheers everyone!! Here's to healthy skin!! Enjoy your water!!

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