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Readers Questions...

Hi all my lovelies, so I recently received a question that I thought it would be good to answer online in case it can help anyone else, so here it goes!!

Question from

"Hello, so I've been trying to find a good bronzer for ages and I'm not the type of person that trys every brand of make up. Do you know of a good bronzer that'll give you a natural glow?  By the way I'm in love with your blog I find it very helpful:)"

And here's my answer:

"Hiya!! Thanks for your question and kind words! :)
I think Bronzer can be quite a tricky thing to apply depending on your skin tone.  So I suggest whatever colour you try, start by applying it lightly and building up the colour.  It’s alot easier to add colour than it is to remove it, and slapping on lots of colour straight away is a sure fire way to get the oompa loompa effect! ;)
Personally, I like to use MAC’s Mineralize skinfinish it has a high metallic finish which is great to add a glow to your skin, and I like ‘Soft and Gentle’ for pale skins as it add s a hint of colour but not too much. For more colour, or darker skin tones the ‘Gold Deposit’ has a stronger finish.  If you want something with less shimmer, they also have a Mineralize Skinfinish Natural collection and a range of Bronzing Powders. MAC’s products are great and are highly pigmented, sometimes they can seem a bit pricey, but they always last and so are worth every penny.
Alternatively, I find Dior’s Bronzers are great and add a soft natural colour to the skin, but are high on the price range for make up.  For everyday wear I use a Collection 2000 shimmering bronzing powder which is great and I have suggested it to many people who have agreed.  At £2.79 it is a great bargain and well worth it as it glides on smooth and adds colour and shimmer to the face, but I am not sure Collection 2000 is available in the US.
I believe NARS, Sephora and Too Faced also have great bronzing products, but I am yet to try them out.  
I know you say you don’t like to try every brand but I would suggest taking a trip to where you usually buy your make up from and just try as many as you can! Even just a sweep across the back of your hand will allow you to tell how easily, smoothly and strongly the product applies and then just pick your favourite.  Make up is not about getting it right each and every time, have fun with it, play around with different colours and products and as long as you enjoy yourself you cant go wrong!  When I’m out shopping I’m forever walking around with loads of colour swatches across my hands!  A good tip is to take a handy pack of wet wipes in your bag as the shops never have enough tissues! ;)
Thanks for reading, I hope this helps and keep an eye out for more product reviews to come!!

If anyone has any other questions they would like answered, please do not hesitate to send them to me at

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