Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Quick Rave: Balmi Lip Balm

Hello all you lovelies!

I just wanted to do a quick rave about a new product I bought at the weekend!  Balmi Lip balm in Coconut, I saw this lip balm on the Boots website and just had to have it!

I suffer from dry, chapped lips from time to time and so I tend to carry a lip balm or lip conditioner around with me at all times (usually its my trusty Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner) but as that comes in a pot, its always tricky to apply without ending up with the leftovers on your fingers.  Which is why I was so excited to see this Balmi lip balm that is shaped like a golf ball (but a bit smaller).  I have to give a shout out to the genius that came up with this simple design, whoop whoop!  Because the balm is shaped like a ball, you can apply it to your lips without touching the balm itself, which makes it mess free and more hygenic!

This balm is available in 4 flavours: Coconut (which is the one I got), Mint, Strawberry and Raspberry all for £4.99 each at Boots

The packaging also has a small connector, like a phone charm kind of thing, I wouldn't say I would attach it to my phone or keys, but it does make it handy to grab in your bag, plus you can remove it if you want.

The balm itself is very moisturising, and lasts for quite a while between applications. The only thing I will warn you is that if it is hot out, try not to keep it in your pocket and then apply it!  I did this at the weekend and didnt think about the heat and made a bit of dent in the shape as it had got a bit too hot and melted slightly! Whoops!  But then I put it in the fridge and its back to its normal consistency again!!

I am currently loving this lip balm, its so cute and comes in lots of different flavours which makes it nice and refreshing for the summer!


  1. Ooh sounds like a great balm! I like to use blistez too, but this one sounds lovely!

    1. It really is lovely, and a bit more fun because of the shape and flavours!


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