Thursday, 27 September 2012

My life in pictures: Well the last couple of weeks at least!

Hello all you lovely people!

I realise I have been quite quiet over the last couple of weeks, but I have just been so busy I haven't been able to find the time to type up anything I have been doing or thinking. So I thought I would write a post of very few words to show what I have been upto!

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Here are the amazing pancakes my boyfriend made me!

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After going to watch The Dark Night Rises at the IMAX in London, we took a leisurely stroll along the South Bank and he was the lovely view!

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And the London Eye!

Behind the scenes shot from my shoot last week!

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The view from the Ferry as we headed to the Isle of Wight for a wedding last weekend! (Instagrammed!)

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A view from the Island (Instagrammed!)
It was such a lovely day for a wedding! (Especially as it poured down with rain on the Sunday!)

My Boyfriend playing the part of Best Man #2! (He's the 4th one on the right!)

The wedding party!

Ha ha so thats my last couple of weeks in pictures!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Night Out Survival items!

So when I'm getting ready for a night out, I like to plan ahead and make sure I am prepared for everything! So I thought I would share my handbag essentials for a night out.

Lip Balm – there is nothing worse on a night out than feeling your lips starting to become dry and cracked, keeping a glossy lip balm in your bag will mean you can keep your pout looking delicious without having to worry about using a mirror. At the moment I am loving the Balmi lip balm, to see click here

Blotting paper – This is a top priority item for those of you with oily skin! After you have spent so long applying and setting your make-up before you go out, there is nothing worse than popping to the bathroom and noticing your face is starting to get all shiny. If this happens, pull out a trusty blotting paper and dab lightly onto your skin in the areas you are looking shiny.  The papers will absorb the oil on your skin and will leave a light powder to help keep you matte for the rest of the evening.  Even if you don’t have oily skin these are handy things to have to keep your make-up looking fresh all night long. 

Pocket Mirror – An essential item for your handbag, that way you can always take a sneaky peek to make sure all is still in place. MAC do a really nice slim mirror here or you can get some nice funky ones here

Party Feet – If you are going to be wearing high heels, Party Feet are a must! Although I find they help, they are not miracle workers as my feet still hurt after standing or dancing for a few hours.  My other suggestion is to take a larger handbag with you and stick a pair of pumps in there for when you really can’t stand it any more! To see what types of party feet you can get, click here

Mints or Chewing Gum – I find there is nothing worse than chatting to someone on a night out (and of course you have to get up close if there’s loud music playing) and they have bad breath! Even worse is the feeling that you have bad breath yourself. So to avoid the embarrassment, keep a packet of mints of chewing gum in your bag to ensure you always stay minty fresh.

Hair Grips – Always handy to keep in your bag/purse, to keep those flyaway strands at bay.

Safety pins – Just because you never know what’s going to happen!  I’ve been out before and my bra strap snapped!! I wish I had some of these baby’s on hand when that happened!!

Clear Nail Varnish - If you are like me and don’t feel complete without a pair of tights on, then keeping a handy bottle of clear nail varnish in your bag is useful for when you get a ladder in your tights.  Just pull the material together and apply the varnish for a quick fix.  Alternatively, you can take a spare of tights with you.

These may seem like a lot of things to carry around with you, and they probably wont fit into a little clutch bag but if you’re like me, make these a staple of your ‘Going out’ kit so you are prepared for any eventuality! 

Be prepared and have a great night out!!

Friday, 7 September 2012

My New HD Brows!

Hi guys!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months, you must have heard about the new celebrity craze surrounding HD Brows. It is a 7 step treatment for your eyebrows that includes a shape consultation, tinting, waxing, threading and plucking to perfect and define your brows.

After seeing this craze take off, I was very excited to book a session for myself. So I finally found the time and booked my appointment!

It was a really relaxing experience and took about an hour to do, and I absolutely love the results! I decided that I wanted to make my brows a bit thinner and as I always struggle with trimming the long hairs I was very keen to let a professional get her hands on my eyebrows.

I think your eyebrows are a very important part of your face as they frame your eyes and can make such a difference when they are defined.

I made sure I took some before and after photos for you to see how different this treatment can make your brows look and what's great about it is that it's not just a brow shape treatment, the therapist helps you learn how to take care of your brows and will help you learn how to maintain them.

I am very excited about my new brows and would recommend the HD Brow treatment for anyone and everyone that wants help with their brows.
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