Friday, 7 September 2012

My New HD Brows!

Hi guys!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months, you must have heard about the new celebrity craze surrounding HD Brows. It is a 7 step treatment for your eyebrows that includes a shape consultation, tinting, waxing, threading and plucking to perfect and define your brows.

After seeing this craze take off, I was very excited to book a session for myself. So I finally found the time and booked my appointment!

It was a really relaxing experience and took about an hour to do, and I absolutely love the results! I decided that I wanted to make my brows a bit thinner and as I always struggle with trimming the long hairs I was very keen to let a professional get her hands on my eyebrows.

I think your eyebrows are a very important part of your face as they frame your eyes and can make such a difference when they are defined.

I made sure I took some before and after photos for you to see how different this treatment can make your brows look and what's great about it is that it's not just a brow shape treatment, the therapist helps you learn how to take care of your brows and will help you learn how to maintain them.

I am very excited about my new brows and would recommend the HD Brow treatment for anyone and everyone that wants help with their brows.


  1. Wow your eyebrows look amazing!

    1. Thank you! I'm loving them too and theyre lasting really well xx

  2. Wow what a huge difference! They look great

  3. Thanks! They really did and it lasted for ages xxx


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