Friday, 30 November 2012

Models Own All That Glitters

Hello you lovely people and thanks for stopping by.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big hello and welcome to my new followers!

I am currently in love with the Models Own range, having heard such great things about it I found it is sold in Boots and so I had to go and check it out.

Along with a couple of colours (which I will show at another time) I picked up a lovely little set of mini glitters.

As part of this set you get three little glitter nail varnishes that are a great size and you get three pots for £8 instead of £5 for one full sized pot which I think is a great bargain.

The first pot is called Blizzard and is a mixture of silver holographic shapes that work to reflect the light creating a variety of shades of colour. The formula is quite sparse so it takes a few coats to build a good coverage but I found it looks good over a bold colour like I tried here,

Here I paired the Blizzard glitter with a bold pink from Models Own called Sophie's Pink.

The next varnish is called Pink Fizz, this is a collection of light pink glitter that is strong in colour and coverage.

As this is a thicker formula, I have used it here on a plain undercoat. It is great for a quick coat if you don't have much time as it will cover your nails with only one coat, but you may need two if you want a complete layer.

The final polish is called Southern Lights and is my favourite out of all three in the set.  This is a bold and bright mixture of holographic glitter that has a great coverage and really sparkles.

Here I have used this glitter again on a plain undercoat and only needed a thick first coat to get full coverage which was great as it was quick and easy. 

The final results were great on all three glitter polishes and they are a great addition to my collection.  Personally, I prefer the thicker glitters as you have the option of wearing them on their own or with colours and that's great if you just want to do a quick coat on your nails.  They are also quite long lasting, although I do find most glitter polishes last longer than colour polishes but the down side is they are harder to get off.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Liebster Award - Nominated again!

Hello everyone,

I have been very honoured to be awarded the Liebster blog award by Elle Woo from  Lipstick and Lace, Nikki from Heaven Has Cupcakes and Tasha from Wand_included. Thank you so much for this!

 I have been nominated for this award before and you can see my post here, but as I'm not sure on what the correct protocol is if you have been nominated previously I thought it was best to graciously accept and answer the questions that were asked of me!

For those of you that don't know,

"The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. What is a Liebster? The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome."

The Rules:
- Link back to the blogger that nominated you 
- Write 11 random facts about yourself
- Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you
- Create 11 questions of your own questions for blogs you would like to give the Liebster award
- Choose up to 11 blogs with under 200 followers to award 

 My 11 Random Things:
  1. I have a sad obsession with stationary! I love collecting notebooks, but am always too scared to write in them in case I ruin them with my bad handwriting.
  2. I love reading crime novels, but can never find enough time to read as much as I would like.
  3. I love drinking tea and drink far too much, but only normal breakfast tea none of that fruity stuff (although it looks nice)
  4. I love high heels and lust after so many pairs, but am useless in walking in heels!
  5. I was hit by a car when I was 14 and broke my leg. I still have screws in there, so keep an eye out when on those roads everyone!!
  6. Other than my leg, I have never broken another bone in my body! (Fingers crossed)
  7. I am writing this post in my PJ's!
  8. I hate being sick! I know no-one likes to be ill, but I despise it! It’s such a useless waste of time and stops you from doing the things you want to do.
  9. I would love to be able to draw and keep promising myself I will try to learn somehow.
  10. I enjoy cooking, but only when I can be bothered (which isn’t very often)
  11. I hate feet! They are so ugly and I do everything I can to avoid them! Lol

11 Questions from Elle

  1. What made you want to start blogging? I created a blog because everyone else was doing it, but then I didn’t touch my blog for months. Then one day it hit me, people might be interested in what I have to say about certain products and I wanted to share my knowledge. So I started blogging and found I really enjoyed having my blog as an outlet for my own thoughts and opinions and if anyone read them then that would be great, and if no-one did then that was fine too. Since then I have had so much fun creating posts and finding other great blogs out there to read.
  1. What inspires you everyday to do what you do? When I was younger, I dreamt that I would be a successful make-up artist, travelling all over the world and working with many great people.  I don't yet feel as though I have reached my goal, so I get up every day and do what I can to get that little bit closer.  Today, my dream has changed and although I want to be successful and to travel, I feel like I work with great people every day and I am always meeting new and interesting people that help to make each day a new adventure.
  1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? I think it would be the ability to read peoples minds.  I love to try and help people figure out what it is they want and need to help them feel great every day. But many people don't quite know how to express what they are looking for, so to be able to read peoples minds would be great!
  1. What would be your dream job? Creative Make-up Director of Christian Dior.  I absolutely love the brand and love the history and that would be an amazing job!
  1. If you could have 3 wishes, what would you wish for? (No wishing for more wishes!) Oh this is so hard! Ok, 1 - to be debt free! It would be amazing to not have anything to worry about and to have financial freedom to do what you want. 2 - To have an endless walk-in wardrobe (you know like the one from the Carlsberg adverts). 3 - To have an amazing penthouse apartment, with luxury furnishings and everything you could imagine!
  1. What is your favorite food? I love sandwiches! In any shape or form, they're just amazing as you can do so many things with them.
  1. What 3 places would you travel to first if you could go anywhere in the world? If I could just click my fingers and be anywhere in the World, I think I would have to choose Hawaii, New York and Thailand.
  1. What's your favorite number? 13, its my birthday! I find many people think of 13 as an unlucky number but it has never been bad luck for me so I try to stick with it.
  1. What is your favorite fashion trend for the Fall season? I'm loving all the warm and cosy jumpers that are in fashion this season there are so many great styles and patterns. I'm not usually a jumper wearer but this has definitely changed this year.
  1. What is your favorite makeup brand? I can't really say that I have one brand that I love more than anything else. I love the colours of MAC, the packaging of Urban Decay and the luxury of Dior.  I guess I don't believe that one brand can do everything 100% right all the time when it comes to products which is why I love to have a variety in my kit.
  1. What one makeup product could you not live without and why? (E.g., foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, etc.) I think it would have to be mascara, without it my lashes are quite fair and so it looks like I have no eyes. 

11 Questions from Nikki

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?  I really wanted to create a space where I could share my views and tips on make-up in the hopes that I could help anyone that could be having problems with their own make-up. I wanted to learn how to express myself and my views while meeting new people and making new connections.
2. Do you have a vlog channel?  If not, would you ever consider vlogging?  I do, its Daniduffymakeup.  I created the account hoping that I could extend my blog posts into videos.  But I’m so shy in front of a normal camera (let alone a video camera) that I created one video and posted it, and hated all the others while editing them that I haven’t uploaded any more.
3. What is your absolute favorite beauty product?  OMG this is such a hard question to answer! I can’t say I really have one absolute favourite product that I will use for all eternity, but at the moment I cannot stop using my Naked palette from Urban Decay, there are so many amazing shades in there that I can use it to create so many different looks.
4. What is your favorite store to visit when shopping for beauty products?I love shopping at Boots, they hold so many different high street brands all in one place.
5. What is your favorite clothing store? Ooh this is such a hard one, as I don’t tend to buy all of my clothes in one place. I like shopping at House of Fraser or New Look, but it all depends how much money I have to shop with! Lol
6. Where did you grow up?  I have lived in a few different houses in my lifetime as my mum used to get bored with where we lived and we would move to a better area. I have spent most of my life in Amersham which is in Buckinghamshire. Its an absolutely lovely town to grow up in.
7. What has been your favorite purchase in the last month? (Not just beauty or fashion - anything!)  Back in April of this year, I had my Iphone 4S stolen! Booo! This month, I have finally saved up enough to replace it, I am soooo happy now to have my lovely while Iphone back in my pocket!
8. Where do you do most of your blogging? (Your bedroom, your dining room, a coffee house?)  I would have to say in my bedroom, and sat on my bed. I find it’s the most peaceful place and I like to spread everything out when I work so it gives me the space I need without any distractions.
9. What's a current beauty or fashion trend that you wish would go away? The Scouse Brows, I'm sorry to any of you lovely people that have them, but for me it's not a good look.  The brows are supposed to frame the face, but not that boldly.
10. Who is your inspiration?  There are so many! I love Pat McGrath, she is an amazing make-up artist and she is my complete idol! I am also inspired by Christina Aguilera she has some amazing looks and transformations and is just beautiful.
11. If you could be a celebrity for a day, who would you choose and why? I think I would be Lady Gaga, it would be so cool to dress up in her clothes and come up with such creative and outrageous looks, how fun that would be!

    11 Questions from Tasha

    1. Where did your blog name come from? My Make-up & Beauty Obsession! came from just that! I love make-up and beauty and everything to do with it, almost obsessively.  The name came quite quickly really.

    2. What main item is on your holiday wishlist? The Urban Decay Vice palette, it looks amazing!
    3. What is your all time favourite perfume? All-time, I think it would have to be J'Adore by Dior.  I love that scent!
    4. Do you have any beauty box subscriptions? Sadly I don't, there are many that I would love to join but I just don't have the spare funds at the moment. I have previously had the Glossybox and loved receiving my delivery each month but I found many of the products were things I wasn't really interested in so decided to stop receiving them for the time being.
    5. Where is your favourite place in the world? This is such a hard one! I love London, no particular area just the City as a whole, there is so much going on there and I love to spend the day getting lost in the crowds and exploring.
    6. Who is your favourite Disney character? Hercules! I love the film and like how good and kind a character he is and is always looking out for everyone elses best interests,
    7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years times? Hopefully still here blogging away, sharing my thoughts with you all!
    8. Who is your favourite singer/band? Usher, I love so many great singers and bands but Usher is one that never changes for me. I have most of his albums and love all of his songs!
    9. What item of clothing do you always reach for? A cardigan! I'm always cold so need to wrap up even when its hot out!

    10. New make up or new clothes? Make-up definitely! A good item of make-up will never go out of fashion and will never make you feel fat or frumpy!
    11. What lipstick shade do you tend to go for? I usually tend to go for nudes, I like to add definition and shape to my eyes and get creative in that way, so I like to stick with neutrals on my lips or pale pinks so that the emphasis is on my eyes.

      Thank you ladies for some great questions, they really got me thinking!

      My 11 Questions for you

      1. What is your favourite beverage? (hot or cold)
      2. What book/magazine are you currently reading?
      3. Do you enjoy cooking?
      4. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
      5. If you were stranded on an island what 3 items would you have to have with you?
      6. What would be your idea of a perfect date night?
      7. What is the worst job you’ve ever had?
      8. What is one of your pet peeves? (something that really winds you up)
      9. What nail colour are you wearing right now?
      10. If you went into a sweet shop, what would be your first choice of sweets to take home with you
      11. What do you obsessively collect? (For example, shoes, bags, notebooks, mugs etc)

      My Nominees are the following

      Lucy @

      Refine Lubis

      Wendy @

      Julie @

      Jamie @

      Kylie @

      Rebecca @

      Beth @

      Lynn @

      Ruby @

      JoJo @

      Congratulations loves, you have been nominated! I will be contacting you all to let you know xxxx

      Monday, 26 November 2012

      My Xmas Wishlist

      Fellow all you beauty lovers,

      I am started to get excited about how close Xmas is now getting and so I thought it was about time I started my Xmas Wishlist!

      The item that is at the top of my wishlist is the Urban Decay Vice Palette, I want it so bad after seeing this item online and reading reviews on it! It looks amazing and has so many lovely colours. At £42, its a little out of my price range so will be a great idea for Xmas!
      Urban Decay Vice Palette - Image from

      I love treating myself to a new hat, scarf and gloves set each winter and this year should be no exception. I have found a set I absolutely love, so warm, cosy and girly all at the same time!

      They're from John Lewis and are a little expensive, but theyre sooo pretty!

      Ok, so its not a huge Wishlist, but its a start!!

      What is on your wishlist this Xmas?

      Sunday, 25 November 2012

      My Beauty Fix: Eyeshadow Fallout

      Hello and welcome to My Beauty Fix!

      Welcome to this weeks instalment of My Beauty Fix!  This week, I would like to tackle any problems you have with eyeshadow fallout.  It is always such a shame when you spend ages reaching the point where your skin and base are applied perfectly only to ruin it when you start in your sexy smokey eyes and drop black eyeshadow all over your cheek (I've lost count of how many times its happened to me!). There's nothing you can do about it, every time you wipe it you just smear the blackness all across your face. So what do you do? Here are my quick fixes to help you...

      Fix 1: It sounds so simple that you are going to kick yourself for not thinking of it before, but how about applying your eye make-up first! When I first heard this, I couldn't believe how simple the solution was and it really helps! This way you can do whatever you like with your eyes and you can just wipe away any mess you make before applying your base.

      Fix 2: If the first fix sounds a bit scary and awkward, or even if you just forget and have applied your base before you remember the fix, then try dusting a heavy amount of translucent powder on your cheeks, just below the eye area. Don't get me wrong, this will look strange but the layer of translucent powder will catch any shadow fallout and allows you to sweep away all of it without it smudging.  But be warned, you need to apply a lot of powder under the eyes, enough that you can see it sat there otherwise it won't work. Also, sweep the powder inwards (towards the nose) as this goes against the hair growth on your face and makes it easier to brush away rather than blend in.

      Shadow Shields from

      Fix 3: Finally, the other option is an eyeshadow guard. I have seen the girls over at Pixiwoo use them on a few occasions and they seem to help, personally I haven't tried them yet so I can't comment on how good they are but I do believe they could be a solution to this problem. Having scoured the web, I have found them to buy here at Cocktail Cosmetics where you can get 30 for £7.95.

      I hope you have enjoyed My Beauty Fix this week and hope my tips can help you stop wasting your time clearing up after the inevitable eyeshadow fallout!

      Thank you for stopping by for My Beauty Fix, if you are having any problems with your beauty regime that you think I may be able to help with then please leave me a comment with your problem or email me at quoting 'Beauty Fix' in the subject and I will do everything I can to find you a solution!

      Thursday, 22 November 2012

      My winter skin care survival tips

      Brrrr, it's getting cold in here!

      As the cold weather sets in and winter is upon us, it's time to start thinking about your skincare routine and what you may need to do to tweak it for the colder season.

      The best way to start this is to think 'emollient and hydrating'. Without us even realising it, our skin can be affected by the weather and changes in temperature. Do you ever find you have random dryness after being in a room with really strong air conditioning? Or do you feel a bit oilier than normal when you're somewhere hot and humid? This is our skins way of coping with the environmental changes that surround us.

      To help keep your skin in top condition through the winter months, here are some tips that can help,

      • Opt for a creamy cleanser - swap out your normal cleanser for a creamier formula in the winter, or try using a light, creamy cleanser in the morning and your normal cleanser at night as this will help retain the skins protective oils.

      • Try a rose water skin fresher or toner - avoiding alcohol in products is your best bet this time of year as the alcohol will dry out your skin.
      • If you have normal to dry skin, opt for an oil based moisturiser to keep your skin full of moisture.
      • If you have oily skin, stick to a lighter formula of moisturiser but make sure you are still getting the hydration you need.
      • Keep your skin soft and smooth by using eucalyptus and jojoba oils in the bath - many products on the market contain these oils, pour them into the bath, sit back, relax and enjoy a soak.
      • Use a hydrating face mask once a week to put moisture back into your skin.
      • Apply hand and body lotion twice a day to keep your skin fresh and moisturised.
      Have a warm and safe winter, dont forget to wrap up!

      Saturday, 17 November 2012

      My Beauty Fix: Fading Lipstick

      Hi guys,

      Welcome to the start of the 'My Beauty Fix' series, I realised the are lots of little beauty problems that should be easy to fix if you know what to try. I want to share with you some of my little tips and tricks that I use on a regular basis in the hopes that I can help anyone that suffers with the same frustrating problems I do.

      If any of you have any little annoying beauty problems that you would like fixed then please leave me a comment or email me and I will do my best to find you a solution!

      To get started, I thought I would pick a big problem that I know effects lots if people to get the ball rolling.

      Ok, so we all look great when were sat in front of our mirror getting ready at home; prepped, primed and looking gorgeous. But if you're anything like me as soon as you get in the car and check yourself in the rear view mirror you notice your lipstick has worn off already and all that time you spent getting that perfectly shaped pout was all a waste as now your back to au naturelle.

      If this is you, then here are my quick tips to making sure your lipstick lasts longer than you do on a night out!

      Before we start, make sure you have exfoliated all the dead skin off your lips and have moisturised them well. Starting with well prepared lips can make a big difference.

      Step One:  Line your lips! Line your lips and fill them in using the lip liner, this will create a sturdy base for your lip colour to cling to.  Whether it is a matching lip liner to the lip colour you are about to apply or a clear liner (great products that are out in the market now). 

      Step Two: Apply your lipstick! This is pretty straight forward, but I like to use a brush to do this as it gives me more control of the product and helps it glide on in the right places.

      Step Three: Blot! Using a clean tissue, rest it between your lips and press down.

      Step Four: Repeat steps two and three! That's right apply and blot once more, even twice if you want to.

      Your lips will now be piled high with beautiful lip colour that will stay on for hours! But for extra staying power try my Super Step five!

      Super Step Five: Now that your lips are applied and looking luscious, take a tissue and separate so that you are only using 1-ply rather than 2 or 3 (this will mean it is pretty much see through, but it is what we need!) hold this 1-ply of tissue against your painted lips and brush translucent powder onto your lips through the tissue. This will set the colour without getting lipstick on your brushes or loose bristles stuck to your lips but will leave your with a smudge proof pout!

      Go on try it! You'll be amazed and it will shock you to have no lipstick marks left on your glasses (or boys!)

      Happy kissing everyone!

      Thank you for stopping by for My Beauty Fix, if you are having any problems with your beauty regime that you think I may be able to help with then please leave me a comment with your problem or email me at quoting 'Beauty Fix' in the subject and I will do everything I can to find you a solution!

      Thursday, 15 November 2012

      Product Rave: Sleek Blush

      Hi guys,

      I recently purchased a blush from the Sleek range at Superdrug and I can't put it down! So I wanted to do a quick rave about it! This blush costs £4.29 and for that price you get a large blush of 8g which I think is really good value. There are 10 shades in the Sleek blush collection which is quite an extensive amount so there should be something there to suit every skin tone.

      I chose the blusher in Rosé Gold as I loved how it had a nice two-tone feel to it not only does it have pinky-peach tones which are great for the day, it also has a gold shimmer which I love and think is great for a night out. Obviously they come together to create a really nice and unique shade.  

      The packaging is very sleek, with a Matt black case that can easily slip into your handbag or make-up bag without taking up much room. The blush also contains a mirror which is great for touch ups. The only down side is that there's no applicator, but that all depends on how you feel about the tiny brushes that are usually supplied with products. Personally, I like to use my own brush even when I'm on the move, so this is handy for me as nothing falls out and the mirror is right there for you.

      After buying this blusher, I decided to do a bit of snooping and checked out the Sleek MakeUP website where they have their whole collection. What really impressed me on this website is they don't just have  swatches of the colours so you can see them, they also have the, swatches on human skin! In fair, medium and dark skin shades so you are able to see what the shade will look like on your skin before your purchase. What a great idea! Why don't more companies do this, as I think it would make buying online a lot easier.

      As you can see from the image above, the colour goes on really well and leaves a nice rose colour on your cheeks along with a gold sheen that acts as a highlighter when the light catches it just right which is great for when you need a quick application and don't have time for your contouring and highlighting.

      Overall, I really like this product in everything from the packaging to the colour to the payoff. I will definitely be trying out some of their other colours soon.

      Have you tried any other Sleek products? What did you think?


      Wednesday, 14 November 2012

      Followers to Friends Blog Hop 15!!

      Hi Guys,

      I am very excited to be a Co-Host of the The Followers to Friends Blog Hop this week! I absolutely love blog hops and thing they are such a great place to meet new people and find new blogs. So link up your blog and get hopping!!


      Tuesday, 13 November 2012

      My 3 Steps for bigger looking eyes

      Hello my lovelies,

      I thought I would share some of my tips to help make your eyes look bigger,

      • Use an eyeliner to darken the lashline, whether its pencil, gel or liquid liner.  This will emphasise the shape of your eye and will make it look bigger.

      • Apply a nude or champagne coloured eyeliner to line your waterline.  This will open up the eyes making them look more open and wide (and more awake).  Choosing a nude colour is less harsh than white and will look more natural.
      • Make sure you curl your lashes! This will open up your eyes making them look bigger.

      Give these steps a try and see your eyes look bigger and even more gorgeous than before!

      Friday, 9 November 2012

      Happy Friday Everyone!

      Hello all you lovely people!

      I have had a cold all week and so have been feeling really down and sorry for myself, so I do apologise for the lack of exciting posts this week, but I have just not had the energy to pick up my brushes and camera! I have also been working quite a bit recently so have felt like I'm all over the place and it has been very draining.

      So I sat back this morning and thought to myself, what could cheer me up? And I instantly thought of blogging and my lovely followers, and so I started writing to see where it lead me....

      To begin with I would like to say thank you and welcome to all my new followers! Thank you for stopping by and for all the lovely comments that have been left for me, I enjoy reading each and every one of them. I started my blog a long time ago, but it is only within the last couple of months that I have taken my blog seriously and realised how rewarding it can be. I have found some really great blogs that I enjoy reading and have found some very lovely people behind them.

      As we are drawing towards the end of the second week of November I am excited to say we have finally booked our holiday for this year!!! Yay! I have to admit I am quite strange when it comes to booking a holiday, I love the idea of it and I love going away and exploring new places, but the whole idea of booking and finding the right location and hotel just stresses me out. So this year I let The Boyf take the reigns as soon as we decided we would like to visit Italy. It was great as within a couple of days, he had found the perfect hotel and it was all booked! We are staying just outside of Venice so that we can also visit Vicenza and Verona and I cannot wait! We are leaving on the 7th December which is also our Anniversary so I am so excited!

      Apart from this I am making myself have a very quiet Friday night in so that I can recover from my cold as I have a shoot on Sunday and would hate to be coughing and spluttering in the models face (so gross and a complete no no!).

      I want to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to everyone and everything in my life, even in my slightly ill state I am happy and healthy(ish) and surrounded by such wonderful lovely people and as the Holiday Season draws near I wish everyone a Happy Friday?!

      Right, that's enough of my babbling for one day, I hope you have a great evening and that you have more exciting plans than I do!

      Thursday, 8 November 2012

      Quick Rave: Felt Tip's for your eyes!

      I've never been a big fan of applying liquid eyeliner, purely because I can be so heavy handed that it goes everywhere.  That was until I found this lovely product, Collection Cosmetics' Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner.

      I really like Collection Cosmetics and they have so many great products and are all at an affordable price.  I purchased this liner in black in Superdrug for £2.99 and loved it so much I went back to get a purple one.  The packaging is very sleek and it looks like a normal pencil liner so you can keep it with your pencils which is handy. Also, I love that they have put a sample of the shade at the end of the pen, so if you are storing it upright, you can easily pick out the colour you want.

      What I love about this product is that it gives you a crisp, sharp line just like a liquid eyeliner but with more control. We're all used to using felt tip pens, even if it is from when we were young and at school so making the leap from an eyeliner pencil to this felt tip liner is alot easier than jumping to a liquid liner brush.  

      This liner comes in a range of different shades which is great if you want to create some bright and fun designs.  The consistency of the product is nice and allows you to build the colour with a few layers.  It is also very long lasting, just as the name states it is a 24hr extreme liner and although I haven't officially tested it for 24hours (I mean who actually wears their make-up for a whole day!) but it lasts me all day without moving or fading, so thats probably from 8am until 10pm, so a good 19 hours! Wow!

      I would really recommend trying this product if you find liquid liners intimidating as it gives you a lot more control over your application.  I find the tip of the pen is quite bendy, so it still allows you to create flicks etc.

      This is just a quick and simple liner flick I created to show you how sharp the liner can look.

      This is definitely my favourite eyeliner at the moment, I think it will take a lot to beat this product for me!

      What's your favourite type of eyeliner?

      Dani xxx

      Tuesday, 6 November 2012

      My MUA Lipstick Haul

      Hello my beauties, I'm sure many of you are aware of the brand MUA or Makeup Academy, they are a great budget brand of cosmetics that are sold online at their website or in Superdrug over here in the UK.  I'm not sure if these products are sold internationally, but the website does offer European and International shipping.

      This brand is growing strong with a great collection of products, most of which are under £4! The colours are great and the colour payoff is also very good which is surprising when you think of the price of them.
      "Great makeup doesn’t need to cost the earth and it is MUA’s promise to bring surprising quality, colour, fun and innovation to each and every product it delivers. Bringing guilt free makeup to every ladies makeup bag!"

      The above quote is taken from the website and I think this is a very good mantra to have as a company so this is a great brand to keep an eye on and experiment with if you are starting out enjoying make-up.

      On my recent trip to Superdrug, I purchased a few of the products from the MUA range.  To begin with, I wanted to tell you about the lipsticks I picked up.

      I bought 4 colours, ranging from a light baby pink to a deep orange and I love each and every one of them! The great thing is that they cost £1! So it doesnt matter if you buy a few each time.

      The colour payoff ranges from colour to colour, but it is still good whichever colour you pick.  The packaging is sleek with a shiny black case and a section on the end that shows you the colour of the lipstick.  I love this about them as it helps you to organise them in a drawer and still be able to see what colour to choose.

      Each lipstick has a shade number rather than a name, which is a shame because its nice to have fun names for your cosmetic colours, but at the same time it's a bit easier on the brain as you don't have to remember so much.

      I started out with 4 and now have 6 in my collection.  Here are the colours I have purchased so far,

       Some of the shades are more pigmented than others and some sit nicer on the skin than others, but overall they are good lipsticks.  They have a good range of colours and some have different finishes (shade 12 has flecks of glitter in it). The one thing I would suggest is that you test these out in the shop before you make your purchase as the colour in the tube can look very different to what it looks like when applied.  For example, the two lipstick images I have used at the top of this post are shades 4 (which looks bright bubblegum pink) and 16 (which looks like a bright tangerine orange) but you can see from my shots above that they don't come out as strong.

      Overall, I would definitely recommend trying out these lipsticks and this brand in general, they have some great products and great colours and I know I keep saying it, but you really can't beat the price! This range is definitely recession-proof!  

      I also picked up some of the lipgloss tubes and the Nail Constellations, so keep an eye out for my review on them!

      Dani xx

      Sunday, 4 November 2012

      My attempt at Peanut Butter Brownie Pumpkins!

      Hello my beauties,

      Recently I have been enjoying so many new and great blogs and they have given me so many good ideas I want to try out. Now I have to admit I'm not a great lover of cooking, I do enjoy it when the mood takes me but on a day-to-day basis its not my cup of tea.  But when certain recipes crop up I add them to a list of things to try out (although most of them never get crossed off the list).  But when I came across a Peanut Butter Brownie Pumpkin recipe I just had to do it!!

      As it reached Halloween and I had some time off I decided to take the plunge and do it.  I found this recipe from Wifessionals which is a blog I have been really enjoying recently and you must check her out!

      So this is what Kaitlyn from Wifessionals pumpkins looked like:

      Image from
      How amazing and yummy do they look!? Now here is my attempt:

      My attempt! The best of the bunch
      Ha ha! They look totally different! To be fair, the problem I found was the bag of Orange flavour buttons that I used for the coating (Kaitlyn used Wiltons Candy Melts in orange flavour) wasn't big enough, the coating worked well for a few of the pumpkins and had I bought 3 bags of buttons then I think they'd have all been coated a bit more and I could have used some for decoration. 

      My attempt - it was all going well before the coating!
      My attempt - I was so close!
      Oh well, at least I tried and I'm glad I did! I don't think I will be quitting my day job to do this full time, but hey were still so scrummy!

      I took them with me to the party and let Andy (the Boyf) and his flatmate scoff them down! They enjoyed them, so it was all worth it.

      Dani xxx

      Friday, 2 November 2012

      Halloween Inspired: Anime Doll Look

      Hey Guys,

      So I know Halloween is now over, but we haven't celebrated it yet!! I have been invited to a party tonight and so it feels like my Halloween hasn't even started yet!

      In the build up to Halloween I have been thinking about what to go as and I have been loving the YouTube videos by Promise Phan aka dope2111.  If you haven't seen any of her videos yet, you must check them out. She is known for her amazing transformations into characters like Drake, Mystique, Angelina Jolie and many more.

      I was mesmerized by her Anime transformation and wanted to try it out for Halloween, plus it gave me a chance to buy a blue wig (which I have wanted to buy for ages!!)

      So here is my first attempt at the look, I'm not sure if I like this 100% but I think with a bit more contouring and a slight change to the eye shape it will do just fine and I still get to wear my wig for Halloween!!

      I think 'with a few tweaks I can get this looking like a really creepy doll for the party tonight!

      Plus, I get to team the outfit with my awesome new shoes!

      I just hope I don't fall over in them!

      Have a great Friday everyone!!

      Dani xx

      Friday Chaos Week #11

      Greetings to all you lovely blog lovers!

      I am so excited to be a Co-Host of the Friday Chaos Blog Hop this week! I found this blog hop a few weeks ago and have loved linking up each week so I thought it would be great to co-host and I am so pleased to get the opportunity to get to know lots of you! Blog Hops are a great chance to discover new blogs and link up with people you wouldn't normally find. I have found some of my favourite blogs through these hops and I am so happy to be a part of it.

      So link up your blog, twitter, pinterest etc and have fun hopping!!

      It's week 11 of the FRIDAY CHAOS Blog Hop!

       Each week it is growing and last week over 180 bloggers linked up! 

      Lets see if we can grow the hop this week.

      **If you would like us to follow you back please leave a comment & we will do so!**

       Be sure the check all the co-host's out, follow via GFC and leave a comment! 

      This is a link up for bloggers who want to increase traffic to their blogs and meet new friends!

      1. Follow both hosts (The first two links below) via GFC, Facebook & Twitter and any other one's you fancy.

      2. Follow all of the co-hosts

      3. Grab the button and put it on your blog somewhere to be seen.
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      4. Don't just add your blog hoping to get followers, join in the fun and visit a few blogs.
      4. Tweet about this hop

       If you would like to co-host one of the weeks let us know.

      Okay, Lets get this chaos started!






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