Friday, 3 February 2012

The Must Have Make-Up App!!

Over the last few months, I have been working with Andy on his next iPhone app....
Having spent a lot of time trawling through the app store to see what wonderful delights there are in terms of make up apps, but I was very disappointed with the range that's available. I am a lover of lists and databases and through my obsession of make up I collect so much make up and sometimes find it hard to keep track. So I had the brilliant idea to create an app that will help you keep an inventory of your products.
The app has now been finished and 'Make-Up Kit' is now available to purchase from the App store!

Now this is not just any normal inventory app, it has some great features:

- 19 make-up categories, each allowing unlimited make-up items to be added.

- Each make-up item can have it's own image assigned, either taken using the device's camera or from the device's stored photos.

- Each make-up item can have it's own specific colour and shade selected to aid identification.

- Each make-up item can have an estimated expiry date calculated according to it's make-up category and date the item was first opened.

We both spent a lot of time thinking about what is needed to create the perfect make up inventory and I think we nailed it! This app allows you to not only take photo's of your items, but to select what shade of colour it is. Also, as my added touch you can enter the date of opening for the make up product and it will calculate the estimated expiration date for that item!
When putting together my post on Expiration dates I realised there aren't many people out there aware of the expiration lead times and so I thought it was a great opportunity to add this feature to help all users.
Screen shot of the categories:
Screen shot of the products added:
Screen shot of a product and the fields for each item, including the photo, colour swatch and expiration date:
Screen shot of the colour picker screen:

I have already downloaded the app and am filling it out as we speak. Please check it out and give it a try!

I think this is a great application and hope you all do to and I would love to hear some feedback on this as we will continue working on updates and additional content to be released.

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