Saturday, 18 February 2012

Why Don't YOU Wear foundation?

I found this great article from Kay Montano about why people don't wear foundation.

It is so true that most women will go into a department store or shop looking for the right shade of foundation, pick one they like and then come home to find it looks a completely different shade to what it was in the shop and then it get demoted to the bottom drawer never to be worn again.  I don't think I have ever met a woman that hasnt been through this.

When trying out a new foundation before purchasing it, you should test it along your jaw line, this will allow you to see the base colour of your skin as you will have less sunlight affecting the colour of your skin at the jaw line.  The perfect shade will disappear along the jaw line, if you want to make doubly sure you have the right shade, try applying a lighter and darker one either side to see which one disappears best.  Then walk outside and see if has still disappeared into your skin.  Please remember the lights are bright in department stores and will show differently to natural light.

Also, whatever you do do NOT let anyone in the shops pressure you into buying a foundation colour or product you are not completely happy with.  Remember, it is your hard earned money you are spending and the last thing you want to do is to spend it on something that will sit in your dressing room table for the upcoming months.

To read Kay's article, click here

If you do find it hard to select the right shade, and do feel intimidated when you enter a department store to buy make-up, why not try a complimentary facial from your local Mary Kay Independant Beauty Consultant.  The Mary Kay range of foundations is very large and has shades coveing the palest snow white, to the darkest bronze skin under the sun.  All of the products are backed with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee, so if you decide you do not like the shade selected for you, you can swap it for a better match.  Now you dont get that at Boots!  For more information take a peek here

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