Friday, 27 April 2012

Bridal Photo Shoot at High Elms

Hello all my lovely readers,

I thought I would fill you in on my lovely day yesterday, I have recently been speaking to a local photographer about setting up some bridal photo shoots and yesterday was our first one together. After a rough start (as the model we booked didn't show up) but Amy the hair stylist managed to find a friend to fill in and it turned out to be a great day!!!! 

The photographer was Rob Purbrick of Purpix Media and Photography, see more of his amazing work here

The Hair Stylist was Amy Hemmings a freelance Hair Stylist

The Florist was Liz Williams of Williams Wedding Florist, see more of her lovely work here

And of course, the make-up artist was me! Take a look at more of my work here

The shoot was at High Elms Manor in Watford, check out the location here

And the lovely model was called Fran.

We set up for a lovely bridal shoot, wanting a very natural look and that's definitely what we achieved.  Here are a few sneaky peeks at the images from yesterday.

Here's me and Fran, just putting the finishing touches to the lips,

Here's Liz adjusting her lovely flower hairpiece

The first finished hairstyle 

The amazing Fran looking lovely as a natural bride.   I kept the look very simple and light to make sure Fran's lovely skin and delicate freckles glowed through. I added some colour and highlighter to the apples of the cheeks and kept the look fresh-looking and summery.

 We then changed the look slightly and made it a bit stronger to match this lovely dark interior of this room. We also got to try out this lovely headpiece.

Here's a picture of the lovely stairs at High Elms Manor

And just a couple of shots showing how much fun we had during the day!

The day was a complete success and we all really enjoyed it! Fran looked amazing and really helped us all capture the images that we wanted.

Hope you all liked them too, I can't wait to see the final photographs!

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