Saturday, 14 April 2012

Make Up Tip No.3 - How to choose and apply the right concealer

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think, where on earth did those bags come from? I know I do!

Whether it was a heavy night, not enough sleep or just natural shadows we all have those off days when our under eye shadows can really get us down. So rather than skulking back under the duvet, be proud of your skin and use some concealer to hide those under eye circles.

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To begin with, don't get confused between colour correctors and concealers. Colour correcting products should be used to even out skin undertones and wont help to conceal blemishes and under eye circles.

When choosing your concealer, pick a colour that is closest to your foundation colour and skin tone.  The colour should exactly match your skin to give a flawless look. You should also consider the consistency when picking your concealer products, to cover blemishes opt for a creamier consistency whereas a more fluid formula is better for covering under eye circles.

To apply, use your ring finger (as it applies less pressure) and dab small dots of concealer along the under eye area and then gently press into the skin.  The skin around your eyes is so delicate you should not rub this area.

Apply concealer before your foundation, then apply foundation in the normal manner.  If required add a touch more concealer on top and then dust with translucent powder to set.

Happy Concealing my lovelies!!

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