Thursday, 5 April 2012

Make Up Tip No.2 - How to choose the perfect foundation

Choosing the right shade of foundation is a very crucial part of your make up routine and it’s one that you can easily get very wrong - Which is why there are so many Oompa Loompa’s walking around nowadays (you all know exactly who I mean!)

Foundation should never be used to add a tan to your skin, but should be used to create a flawless base for the rest of your make up. Think of yourself as an artist and where you have to prepare your canvas before applying the paints.

The shade of foundation you choose should perfectly match your skin tone (not darker or lighter) an the tip to find this is to lightly apply the foundation along your jawline and see if it disappears when you blend it. You use the jawline because it is an area on your face that is least touched by blemishes. Now I know this may make you look a tad silly when you’re standing in the aisle of Boots but trust me it’s worth it when you can walk around with perfect looking skin.

It is also important to check the colour in natural light rather than artificial to make sure the colour is right for you!

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