Friday, 30 November 2012

Models Own All That Glitters

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I am currently in love with the Models Own range, having heard such great things about it I found it is sold in Boots and so I had to go and check it out.

Along with a couple of colours (which I will show at another time) I picked up a lovely little set of mini glitters.

As part of this set you get three little glitter nail varnishes that are a great size and you get three pots for £8 instead of £5 for one full sized pot which I think is a great bargain.

The first pot is called Blizzard and is a mixture of silver holographic shapes that work to reflect the light creating a variety of shades of colour. The formula is quite sparse so it takes a few coats to build a good coverage but I found it looks good over a bold colour like I tried here,

Here I paired the Blizzard glitter with a bold pink from Models Own called Sophie's Pink.

The next varnish is called Pink Fizz, this is a collection of light pink glitter that is strong in colour and coverage.

As this is a thicker formula, I have used it here on a plain undercoat. It is great for a quick coat if you don't have much time as it will cover your nails with only one coat, but you may need two if you want a complete layer.

The final polish is called Southern Lights and is my favourite out of all three in the set.  This is a bold and bright mixture of holographic glitter that has a great coverage and really sparkles.

Here I have used this glitter again on a plain undercoat and only needed a thick first coat to get full coverage which was great as it was quick and easy. 

The final results were great on all three glitter polishes and they are a great addition to my collection.  Personally, I prefer the thicker glitters as you have the option of wearing them on their own or with colours and that's great if you just want to do a quick coat on your nails.  They are also quite long lasting, although I do find most glitter polishes last longer than colour polishes but the down side is they are harder to get off.

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