Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Beauty Fix: Eyeshadow Fallout

Hello and welcome to My Beauty Fix!

Welcome to this weeks instalment of My Beauty Fix!  This week, I would like to tackle any problems you have with eyeshadow fallout.  It is always such a shame when you spend ages reaching the point where your skin and base are applied perfectly only to ruin it when you start in your sexy smokey eyes and drop black eyeshadow all over your cheek (I've lost count of how many times its happened to me!). There's nothing you can do about it, every time you wipe it you just smear the blackness all across your face. So what do you do? Here are my quick fixes to help you...

Fix 1: It sounds so simple that you are going to kick yourself for not thinking of it before, but how about applying your eye make-up first! When I first heard this, I couldn't believe how simple the solution was and it really helps! This way you can do whatever you like with your eyes and you can just wipe away any mess you make before applying your base.

Fix 2: If the first fix sounds a bit scary and awkward, or even if you just forget and have applied your base before you remember the fix, then try dusting a heavy amount of translucent powder on your cheeks, just below the eye area. Don't get me wrong, this will look strange but the layer of translucent powder will catch any shadow fallout and allows you to sweep away all of it without it smudging.  But be warned, you need to apply a lot of powder under the eyes, enough that you can see it sat there otherwise it won't work. Also, sweep the powder inwards (towards the nose) as this goes against the hair growth on your face and makes it easier to brush away rather than blend in.

Shadow Shields from

Fix 3: Finally, the other option is an eyeshadow guard. I have seen the girls over at Pixiwoo use them on a few occasions and they seem to help, personally I haven't tried them yet so I can't comment on how good they are but I do believe they could be a solution to this problem. Having scoured the web, I have found them to buy here at Cocktail Cosmetics where you can get 30 for £7.95.

I hope you have enjoyed My Beauty Fix this week and hope my tips can help you stop wasting your time clearing up after the inevitable eyeshadow fallout!

Thank you for stopping by for My Beauty Fix, if you are having any problems with your beauty regime that you think I may be able to help with then please leave me a comment with your problem or email me at quoting 'Beauty Fix' in the subject and I will do everything I can to find you a solution!


  1. Followed! Found your blog on the online friends blog party. (:

    I never would have thought to use powder but that's such a great idea. I saw someone on youtube awhile back that used strips of double sided tape, which I think is a pretty great idea as well.


    1. Hi Jamie, thanks for following! Double sided tape? Hmm haven't seen that before but I'll try it out, could be a bit harsh on your skin, perhaps surgical tape would work better? Thanks for sharing! xxx


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