Thursday, 22 November 2012

My winter skin care survival tips

Brrrr, it's getting cold in here!

As the cold weather sets in and winter is upon us, it's time to start thinking about your skincare routine and what you may need to do to tweak it for the colder season.

The best way to start this is to think 'emollient and hydrating'. Without us even realising it, our skin can be affected by the weather and changes in temperature. Do you ever find you have random dryness after being in a room with really strong air conditioning? Or do you feel a bit oilier than normal when you're somewhere hot and humid? This is our skins way of coping with the environmental changes that surround us.

To help keep your skin in top condition through the winter months, here are some tips that can help,

  • Opt for a creamy cleanser - swap out your normal cleanser for a creamier formula in the winter, or try using a light, creamy cleanser in the morning and your normal cleanser at night as this will help retain the skins protective oils.

  • Try a rose water skin fresher or toner - avoiding alcohol in products is your best bet this time of year as the alcohol will dry out your skin.
  • If you have normal to dry skin, opt for an oil based moisturiser to keep your skin full of moisture.
  • If you have oily skin, stick to a lighter formula of moisturiser but make sure you are still getting the hydration you need.
  • Keep your skin soft and smooth by using eucalyptus and jojoba oils in the bath - many products on the market contain these oils, pour them into the bath, sit back, relax and enjoy a soak.
  • Use a hydrating face mask once a week to put moisture back into your skin.
  • Apply hand and body lotion twice a day to keep your skin fresh and moisturised.
Have a warm and safe winter, dont forget to wrap up!


  1. Great tips! I definitely have to swap to a creamier cleanser during the wintertime because my skin gets too dry and sensitive!

    xx Ellie 

    1. Thanks Ellie, I'm the same, I have to have my winter and summer moisturisers! xxx

  2. It’s important that you apply body lotion on parts of your body that are usually exposed to cold air. If you have dry skin, it can be prone to sensitivity. So as much as possible, always apply moisturizer on your skin when you notice that it’s starting to dy. Remember: do not scratch itchy and dry skin spots because these can get peeled off or reddened.

    >Marc Bryan


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