Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My MUA Lipstick Haul

Hello my beauties, I'm sure many of you are aware of the brand MUA or Makeup Academy, they are a great budget brand of cosmetics that are sold online at their website or in Superdrug over here in the UK.  I'm not sure if these products are sold internationally, but the website does offer European and International shipping.

This brand is growing strong with a great collection of products, most of which are under £4! The colours are great and the colour payoff is also very good which is surprising when you think of the price of them.
"Great makeup doesn’t need to cost the earth and it is MUA’s promise to bring surprising quality, colour, fun and innovation to each and every product it delivers. Bringing guilt free makeup to every ladies makeup bag!"

The above quote is taken from the website and I think this is a very good mantra to have as a company so this is a great brand to keep an eye on and experiment with if you are starting out enjoying make-up.

On my recent trip to Superdrug, I purchased a few of the products from the MUA range.  To begin with, I wanted to tell you about the lipsticks I picked up.

I bought 4 colours, ranging from a light baby pink to a deep orange and I love each and every one of them! The great thing is that they cost £1! So it doesnt matter if you buy a few each time.

The colour payoff ranges from colour to colour, but it is still good whichever colour you pick.  The packaging is sleek with a shiny black case and a section on the end that shows you the colour of the lipstick.  I love this about them as it helps you to organise them in a drawer and still be able to see what colour to choose.

Each lipstick has a shade number rather than a name, which is a shame because its nice to have fun names for your cosmetic colours, but at the same time it's a bit easier on the brain as you don't have to remember so much.

I started out with 4 and now have 6 in my collection.  Here are the colours I have purchased so far,

 Some of the shades are more pigmented than others and some sit nicer on the skin than others, but overall they are good lipsticks.  They have a good range of colours and some have different finishes (shade 12 has flecks of glitter in it). The one thing I would suggest is that you test these out in the shop before you make your purchase as the colour in the tube can look very different to what it looks like when applied.  For example, the two lipstick images I have used at the top of this post are shades 4 (which looks bright bubblegum pink) and 16 (which looks like a bright tangerine orange) but you can see from my shots above that they don't come out as strong.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying out these lipsticks and this brand in general, they have some great products and great colours and I know I keep saying it, but you really can't beat the price! This range is definitely recession-proof!  

I also picked up some of the lipgloss tubes and the Nail Constellations, so keep an eye out for my review on them!

Dani xx


  1. Great review! I especially like shade 12(:

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award(:

    Lipstick & Lace


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